Letar efter bok om en kvinnlig trollkarl / pilot i rymden


Jag letar efter en sci-fi-bok om en kvinnlig pilot / trollkarl, hon hade 2 män, en var också en pilot, den andra var mekaniker för motorerna. De anpassar skrovens skrov till olika noter och navigerar genom att läsa tarot symboler i rymden. De letar efter den förlorade vägen till jorden.

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Jag tror att du kanske letar efter femt twelfths of heaven (Himmelens vägar, # 1) av Melissa Scott.

In a space-faring civilization where a single woman is increasingly sisenfranchised, the star pilot Silence Leigh is defrauded from her inheritance by a greedy competitor. Forced to ally with two men, Silence is dragged into a deadly political struggle, and is tantalized by the hints of the legendary Earth, as well as the dread and the glory of Magi's power. Her dreams of having her own ship and of escape from the Hegemony's oppressions take on new direction and focus when she joins the crew of "The Sun-Treader"

Skrovets skrov är inställt med ett harmonium för att resa genom rymden:

The essential parts of a starship were the sounding keel and the harmonium. The keel was made of a base metal impregnated with the Philosopher's Tincture, the only celestial substance that could exist in the mundane world. The tincture in the keel always sought to return to the transcendant, nonmaterial world--heaven--beyond apparent reality, but was bound down by the material substances with which it was surrounded. Only under stimulus from the harmonium, which was tuned to as close an approximation of the music which ruled heaven as was humanly possible, could the tincture rise toward heaven, first fleeing the elemental earth of a planet's core, then rushing faster and faster into the void between the stars, where the barriers between the mundane and the. celestial were thinnest. The rest of the ship, riding on the keel, was drawn up with it.

Damen pilot är Tyst Leigh . De två makarna är Denis Balthasar och Chase Mago . Balthasar är ägaren / kaptenen på skeppet och Chase Mago är ingenjören.

Tystnad har upptäckt en förlorad väg till jorden i en gammal bok:

Silence smiled, suddenly calm, knowing that she held the answer to the one question that would fascinate Isambard and save them all.

"I know the road to Earth, Isambard. I will take you there."

She was aware that Balthasar was staring open-mouthed at her, and then she heard him mutter, "That old book. Of course," but she could not spare the time to nod to him.

Detta är den första boken av en trilogi. De andra två böckerna är Tystnad i ensamhet och Kejsare av jorden .

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