Har någon komiska skurkar försökt en plan som Ultrons tidigare?


I Age of Ultron var Ultrons yttersta mål att:

Create an extinction level event by raising a massive chunk of earth high into the sky and dropping it.

Finns det några exempel på skurkar i antingen Marvel eller DC-serien som försöker åstadkomma samma mål på samma sätt?

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Först verkar detta vara en ganska unik situation ...

Vandal Savage försökte släppa en asteroid på jorden. länk

... men då insåg jag att det verkligen var en trope, kallad Colony Drop.

In Green Lantern Corps v2 #13, the living planet Mogo intentionally moves into the path of an asteroid to get rid of a sentient space-fungus that's infected its forests. ◦ Then, in the conclusion of the Sinestro Corps War, John Stewart and Guy Gardner get the idea to take the newly recreated Warworld and throw it on top of the goddamn Anti-Monitor.

In the Justice League story "Terror Incognita" the Martian Manhunter is confronting dozens of powerful White Martians on the Moon after those same White Martians have all but conquered Earth. While The Manhunter has them distracted the rest of the Justice League pulls the moon toward Earth so that the entry into the atmosphere will burn the Martians to nothingness if they do not surrender and enter the Phantom Zone. Spell Casters cast a massive spell to keep the gravity of the Moon from destroying Earth, and the Justice League (after imprisoning the surrendering White Martians) pulls the moon away from Earth before it can impact and destroy the planet.

In an issue of The Spectacular Spider-Man in the 90's, Spidey and the original X-Men teamed-up against Professor Power who was in control of a floating castle. They defeat him and his Mooks but the castle is sent plummeting toward New York. Obviously, they stop it just in time.

... och här går resten av din dag: länk

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