How kan Snape prata med honom när han är död?


I avsnittet Deathly Hallows 2 tittar Harry på Snape minnen och han ser Snape att prata med

Dumbledore asking him about Harry,

och Snape skickar sin patron för att få hjälp Harry hittar Gryffindors svärd ( Dödligt Hallows Del 1). Hur pratar Snape med

Dumbledore, because this conversation takes place after Dumbledore was killed?

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Snape pratade med Dumbledores porträttporträtt, åtminstone i boken:

‘Headmaster! They are camping in the Forest of Dean! The Mudblood –’

‘Do not use that word!’

‘– the Granger girl, then, mentioned the place as she opened her bag and I heard her!’

‘Good. Very good!’ cried the portrait of Dumbledore behind the Headmaster’s chair. ‘Now, Severus, the sword! Do not forget that it must be taken under conditions of need and valour – and he must not know that you give it! If Voldemort should read Harry’s mind and see you acting for him –’

‘I know,’ said Snape curtly. He approached the portrait of Dumbledore and pulled at its side. It swung forwards, revealing a hidden cavity behind it, from which he took the sword of Gryffindor. Deathly Hallows

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