Can någon räkna ut vilken bok det här svaret refererar till?


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Is it possible for an entire book to be written so that at the very last phrase, the meaning of the rest of the novel changes entirely?

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Oh, yes. There was this one book I read (can’t remember what it was called, sorry) that was about a crew of people who lived on a space station at the very edge of a vast galactic empire, who were sent to investigate an unknown spaceship that appeared in their radars from outside the empire. Throughout the book, the crew slowly realise that the spaceship was built by aliens, suffered some kind of catastrophe, and, upon discovering the dead body of the ship’s gardener, conclude that he sacrificed himself so that the rest of the crew could escape. An important sticking point is that, when the crew first come upon the alien’s workstations, they are amazed by the sheer number of buttons on the consoles, and wonder how anyone could possibly push all of those buttons. But when they find the gardener, they discover that he and his species have arms that end in a myriad of digits, far more than the crew’s, and this is what enables them to press all of those buttons.

The last paragraph of the book, in which the crew returns to their base to send a report to their superiors, states that the main character “rested his tentacle on the window”, and his love interest “put her tentacle on top of his”.

This one moment brings the reader to the staggering realisation that these characters, which they have always imagined as being humans, are actually aliens, and forces them to re-evaluate the whole book and realise that the ‘alien ship’ is actually a human spacecraft. The ‘myriad of digits’ is actually just human fingers. When I first read it, I was so surprised I actually went back through the whole book to check that they’d never been referred to as humans or made mention of fingers. And they hadn’t. The author played off the expectations of the audience while simultaneously subverting them. It was a masterstroke.

Kan någon räkna ut vilken bok den refererar till?

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Denna fråga har dykt upp ett par gånger i inlägg i TOMT subreddit, och en användare som heter Maldevinine gav svaret Utpost av Allan Baillie.

Jag har inte eller inte läst boken själv, men de sa: "Jag gick och läste kopian på min hylla för att kontrollera, men det som slutar hänger definitivt med dig." Jag kan ge länken till posten om det behövs. det pekar på samma Quora-post som det här inlägget pekar på.

En Goodreads-recension nämner också samma "krok" i slutet.

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