Vet någon vilka passager av en storm av svärd och en fest för galgar är avbildade i dessa illustrationer?


Det här är omslaget till en storm av svärd:


Båda publicerades av Plaza & Janés, ett spansk förlag. Jag känner inte namnet på illustratören / s.

Ingen av illustrationerna påminner mig om någon passage som jag kan komma ihåg från deras motsvarande böcker. Några idéer?

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Bilderna är Marc Simonetti .

Originalerna finns på Marcos DeviantArt-profil , i hans Spel av troner album.

Bild 1 - En Clash of Kings (fransk omslag)
Titled, Tyrion in King's landing ; Marc säger att detta är en bild av Tyrion gå runt King's Landing :

This is the cover art for the second book of " a song of fire and ice" by George R.R. Martin.

I tried to depict king's landing small dirty streets, and to emphasis the contrast between Tyrion's size and the big town around him.

I hope you'll like it.

Bild 2 - En storm av svärd (fransk omslag)
Titled, Letar efter Stark Children , Marc säger att detta är en skildring av Theon och Ramsay (som hans dolda persona Reek ) letar efter de saknade Stark-barnen ( Bran och Rickon ) runt skogen på Winterfell :

This is the cover art for the third book of " A song of fire and ice: games of throne" by George RR Martin in its upcoming French edition.

I wanted to represent that the book's universe is both beautiful and oppressive sometimes... Here's the scene where Theon Greyjoy hunts Bran and Rickon. I hope you'll like it!

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Omslaget till en storm av svärd

Det visar en dvärgman som går ut ur ett slott. Jag tror att mannen är Tyrion, det kan indikera

Tyrion's escape from prison after he was condemned to death on false charge of murdering Joffrey

Det kan också symboliskt indikera att Tyrion nu är fri från sin lojalitet mot sin familj

Tyrion loved his brother Jaime Lannister. But by the end of A Storm Of Swords, he comes to know that all the members of his immediate family members betrayed him. Tywin Lannister had Tyrion's wife Tysha raped. Jaime Lannister supported (out of obedience or fear) Tywin, in this deed and his sister Cersei Lannister wants him dead. Finally Tyrion knows it all and he has given up on his family.

Omslaget kan indikera en eller båda dessa två saker.

Omslag på en fest för kråkor

Omslaget visar tre personer som går genom vildmarken och en annan person som följer dem. Tre personer framåt kunde vara Dick Crabb (framför han var deras guide), Brienne of Tarth (med skölden), Podrick Payne (bakåt). Den fjärde personen som följer dem kan vara Ser Hyle Hunt. Det kan indikera sin resa till Crackclaw Point.

Brienne hade fått en sköld från Jaime Lannister

Ser Illifer crooked a bony finger at her shield. Though its paint was cracked and peeling, the device it bore showed plain: a black bat on a field divided bendwise, silver and gold. “You bear a liar’s shield, to which you have no right. My grandfather’s grandfather helped kill the last o’ Lothston. None since has dared to show that bat, black as the deeds of them that bore it.”

The shield was the one Ser Jaime had taken from the armory at Harrenhal. Brienne had found it in the stables with her mare, along with much else; saddle and bridle, chain mail hauberk and visored greathelm, purses of gold and silver and a parchment more valuable than either. “I lost mine own shield,” she explained.

Podrick Payne hade gått med Brienne tänkande Tyrion Lannister och Sansa Stark hade rymt togther.

The horse reared, and the skinny boy went flying, his cloak flapping like a pair of wings. He landed in the mud and came up with dirt and dead brown grass between his teeth to find Brienne standing over him. It was the same boy, beyond a doubt. She recognized the sty. “Who are you?” she demanded.

The boy’s mouth worked soundlessly. His eyes were big as eggs. “Puh,” was all he could manage. “Puh.” His chain mail byrnie made a rattling sound when he shivered. “Puh. Puh.”

“Please?” said Brienne. “Are you saying please?” She laid the point of her sword on the apple of his throat. “Please tell me who you are, and why you’re following me.”

“Not puh-puh-please.” He stuck a finger in his mouth, and flicked away a clump of mud, spitting. “Puh-puh-Pod. My name. Puh-puh-Podrick. Puh-Payne.”

Dick Crabb går med på att vägleda Brienne och Podrick Payne i sin resa till Crackclaw Point.

“Ten dragons are a fortune. Do you take me for a fool?”

“No, but I can take you to one.” The coin danced one way, and back the other. “Take you to the Whispers, m’lady.”

Brienne did not like the way his fingers played with that gold coin. Still . . . “Six dragons if we find my sister. Two if we only find the fool. Nothing if nothing is what we find.”

Crabb shrugged. “Six is good. Six will serve.”

Ser Hyle Hunt följer hemlighet Brienne genom Crackclaw Point och hämtar henne med viskningar. Jag säger det här eftersom den fjärde personen är klädd i stål och ligger långt bakom resten.

“Why did you do that, my lady? Ser?” asked Pod.

“It was the reward I promised him for finding me the fool.”

Laughter sounded from behind them. She ripped Oathkeeper from her sheath and whirled, expecting more Bloody Mummers . . . but it was only Hyle Hunt atop the crumbling wall, his legs crossed. “If there are brothels down in hell, the wretch will thank you,” the knight called down. “Elsewise, that’s a waste of good gold.”

“I keep my promises. What are you doing here?”

“Lord Randyll bid me follow you. If by some freak’s chance you stumbled onto Sansa Stark, he told me to bring her back to Maidenpool. Have no fear, I was commanded not to harm you.”

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