Är det verkligen nödvändigt att tippa en foie grasfackla?


Är pojkvännen riktigt nödvändig?

Kan jag inte hoppa över poachingen och bara sätta in, kyla och tjäna?

uppsättning Joseph Neves 10.05.2017 09:00

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Poaching en foie gras fackla är inte nödvändigt. I huvudsak är levern en härdad karcuteri innan pocheringsteget skulle inträffa. Från detta Allvarliga ätter Förberedelsemetod:

To Cook or Not To Cook?

At this stage, the most classical of recipes will have you poach your torchon in a bath of sub-simmering hot water for about 20 minutes, long enough to bring the whole thing into the range of 130 to 140°F, effectively cooking it. More modern recipes, such as Thomas Keller's go for a much, much shorter cooking time—about 90 seconds. Tasted side by side, I've always preferred the shorter cooking time. The foie is denser, has a more buttery texture, and doesn't leak as much fat when you slice it or eat it.

I always wondered why this was until I came to what was a pretty obvious realization: Thomas Keller's 90-second poached torchon is essentially uncooked. I stuck a thermometer into a torchon during its simmer and measured the internal temperature. It started at around 40°F, and finished exactly where it started. Aside from the outer few millimeters, absolutely no cooking occurs in a 90-second poached foie. No wonder the texture is so significantly different—we're essentially eating raw cured liver here!

There is, however, a good reason to poach the foie, even if it's only for a brief period: The exterior layers soften enough that you can wrap the cheesecloth even tighter, giving you a better looking finished product. That Thomas Keller poach is really all about appearances!

För de som inte är bekanta, förklarar den här artikeln från D'Artagnan skillnaderna i foie gras terrine och foie gras fackla. (Ingen godkännande är avsedd, bara bra info.)

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