Did Tahiri har sex med Jacen Solo?


Kort före Legends canon slutade Tahiri Veila försökte för sin tid som Jacen Solo - er, Darth Caedus "- lärling, och speciellt för mordet på Gilad Pellaeon. Under rättegången, när hon ifrågasätts av åklagaren, har vi följande utbyte:

[...] "please tell the court about your… relationship with Jacen Solo?"

Now he was going in for the kill. He could switch gears fast. She'd half expected Eramuth to leap forward with an objection, but he seemed completely at ease.

"Of course," she said, taking her cue from her lawyer and not rising to the bait. "I knew Jacen Solo half my life."

"So there was no personal relationship?"

She'd known this was coming, and replied calmly. "There was."

He tried and failed to hide the gleam of excitement in his eyes. "Please elaborate on the nature of this relationship."

"Objection," said Eramuth. "Surely, the court has no prurient interest in the details of Tahiri Veila's private life."

"Your Honor, I am trying to establish how deeply involved the accused and Jacen Solo were, whether their relationship was personal or professional."

Judge Zudan considered, then said, "Overruled. The prosecution may continue."

Tahiri felt heat rising in her cheeks, but kept her face calm. "So, would it be accurate to say that you and Jacen Solo were lovers?" Dekkon continued.

"We were involved," Tahiri said bluntly. "Love had nothing to do with it."

"So we may assume that you were physically—"

"Objection!" Eramuth said again. His whiskers bristled, and he was the very image of wounded propriety. "Further questioning along this line verges on the salacious. A relationship has been established. No one here needs to know details. This is a trial, not a holodrama."

Domaren håller med försvararen (Eramuth) och rättegången går vidare till andra ämnen. Men nu är jag nyfiken. Denna utbyte tycks tyda på att Tahiri och Jacen hade ett sexuellt förhållande ... men ingen gång under "Legacy of the Force" -bågen var det som nämnts eller ens antyddes. Solo var fortfarande kär i Tenel Ka vid den tiden, och Tahiri var fortfarande kär i Anakin Solo trots sin död.

Har Tahiri haft ett sexuellt förhållande med Jacen Solo, eller läser jag helt enkelt denna utbyte felaktigt?

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