Did Oberyn Martell vet verkligen att hans syster blev våldtagd av Gregor Clegane?


I denna scen från "Tyrion IV" i " A Clash of Kings ", diskuterar Tyrion och Varys Elia Martells våldsdöd. Hennes död var oupplöst trots att många misstänkte Gregor Clegane.

“Why forget?” Tyrion smiled. “I’ve promised to deliver his sister’s killers, alive or dead, as he prefers. After the war is done, to be sure.”

Varys gave him a shrewd look. “My little birds tell me that Princess Elia cried a . . . certain name . . . when they came for her.”

“Is a secret still a secret if everyone knows it?” In Casterly Rock, it was common knowledge that Gregor Clegane had killed Elia and her babe. They said he had raped the princess with her son’s blood and brains still on his hands.

“This secret is your lord father’s sworn man.”

Poängen är att människor bara säger det är bara ryktet, inte ett bevis. Vi vet att Gregor Clegane dödade Elia och hennes barn, men enligt min bästa kunskap finns det inget bevis som han våldtog henne också.

Under sin duell med berget provade Oberyn Martell honom genom att upprepade gånger anklaga honom för att våldta och döda sin syster. I slutet av sin strid bekänner Clegane framför dussintals människor att han våldta och dödade Elia Martell. Hans bekännelsemöten före hans "död" raderade alla tvivel.



(Sidnot:DettacitatavVarysfårmigattundraomEliaboddebaratillräckligtlängeförattimpliceraGregornärVaryslillaspioneranländetillRedKeep-tornet."Mina lilla fåglar berättade för mig att prinsessa Elia grät ett visst namn ... när de kom till henne. " Det skulle vara av karaktär för Gregor att låta henne leva i några minuter.)

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Det var rykten och ingen visste verkligen vad som hände.

Eddard, som faktiskt var vid King's Landing när (eller bara några timmar senare) hände det här. Även han tänker på det som rykten.

Unlike his brother, Ser Gregor did not live at court. He was a solitary man who seldom left his own lands, but for wars and tourneys. He had been with Lord Tywin when King's Landing fell, a new-made knight of seventeen years, even then distinguished by his size and his implacable ferocity. Some said it had been Gregor who'd dashed the skull of the infant prince Aegon Targaryen against a wall, and whispered that afterward he had raped the mother, the Dornish princess Elia, before putting her to the sword. These things were not said in Gregor's hearing.
AGOT - Eddard VII

Om även personer som var där för att observera den omedelbara efterhanden av lagen inte vet det säkert, kan vi säkert anta att ingen gjorde det. Men självklart måste Gregors egna män ha känt, hans kamrater för möjligen vem som har haft möjlighet att bevittna prinsessans lik. Och vi vet att bergets män är benägna att skryta om hans våldtäkt som de gjorde med honom att rapa dotter till en gästgivare efter handens turnering framför Arias och andra soldater. Så ordet sprids naturligt, vilket vi kan förvänta oss var särskilt snabbt, eftersom rykten handlade om den tidigare drottningen, en prinsessan av Dorne och hennes tragiska död.

Robert beställde senare en förfrågan, men det var bara en show, han skulle inte bryta av sin Lannister-allians, så det är inte en överraskning att det inte skapade något.

"Wars and weddings have kept us well occupied, Prince Oberyn. I fear no one has yet had the time to look into murders sixteen years stale, dreadful as they were. We shall, of course, just as soon as we may. Any help that Dorne might be able to provide to restore the king's peace would only hasten the beginning of my lord father's inquiry—"

"Dwarf," said the Red Viper, in a tone grown markedly less cordial, "spare me your Lannister lies. Is it sheep you take us for, or fools? My brother is not a bloodthirsty man, but neither has he been asleep for sixteen years. Jon Arryn came to Sunspear the year after Robert took the throne, and you can be sure that he was questioned closely. Him, and a hundred more. I did not come for some mummer's show of an inquiry. I came for justice for Elia and her children, and I will have it. Starting with this lummox Gregor Clegane . . . but not, I think, ending there. Before he dies, the Enormity That Rides will tell me whence came his orders, please assure your lord father of that." He smiled.
ASOS - Tyrion V

Här, som du kan märka, nämner Tyrion inte våldtäkten när han talar om en ny förfrågan, inte Oberyn. Elia och hennes barn som mördades var obestridliga, men våldtäkten var dock bara en ryktet. Oberyn kunde fortfarande ha insisterat på utredning av dessa avgifter också, men av någon anledning det hände inte.

Tyrion och hans far pratade mellan dem själva, som om mordavgifterna var de enda som Oberyn visste säkert och ens därtill, att han inte hade några bevis på vem som var den verkliga syndaren .

“Very well, as you ask so pleasantly. The Red Viper is not going to be pleasant, I fear... nor will he content himself with Ser Gregor’s head alone.”

“All the more reason not to give it to him.”

“Not to... ?” Tyrion was shocked. “I thought we were agreed that the woods were full of beasts.”

“Lesser beasts.” Lord Tywin’s fingers laced together under his chin. “Ser Gregor has served us well. No other knight in the realm inspires such terror in our enemies.”

“Oberyn knows that Gregor was the one who...”

“He knows nothing. He has heard tales. Stable gossip and kitchen calumnies. He has no crumb of proof. Ser Gregor is certainly not about to confess to him. I mean to keep him well away for so long as the Dornishmen are in King’s Landing.”

“And when Oberyn demands the justice he’s come for?”

“I will tell him that Ser Amory Lorch killed Elia and her children,” Lord Tywin said calmly. “So will you, if he asks.”

“Ser Amory Lorch is dead,” Tyrion said flatly.

“Precisely. Vargo Hoat had Ser Amory torn apart by a bear after the fall of Harrenhal. That ought to be sufficiently grisly to appease even Oberyn Martell.”
ASOS - Tyrion VI

Men våldtäktet hände, Tywin Lannister, befälhavare för de män som gjorde det, är övertygad om att det hände. Han hävdar dock att han aldrig hade för avsikt att skada Elia och hon borde ha varit oskadd.

His father shrugged. “I grant you, it was done too brutally. Elia need not have been harmed at all, that was sheer folly. By herself she was nothing.”

“Then why did the Mountain kill her?”

“Because I did not tell him to spare her. I doubt I mentioned her at all. I had more pressing concerns. Ned Stark’s van was rushing south from the Trident, and I feared it might come to swords between us. And it was in Aerys to murder Jaime, with no more cause than spite. That was the thing I feared most. That, and what Jaime himself might do.” He closed a fist. “Nor did I yet grasp what I had in Gregor Clegane, only that he was huge and terrible in battle. The rape... even you will not accuse me of giving that command, I would hope. Ser Amory was almost as bestial with Rhaenys. I asked him afterward why it had required half a hundred thrusts to kill a girl of... two? Three? He said she’d kicked him and would not stop screaming. If Lorch had halfthe wits the gods gave a turnip, he would have calmed her with a few sweet words and used a soft silk pillow.” His mouth twisted in distaste. “The blood was in him.”
ASOS - Tyrion VI

Men senare erkände Tyrion framför Oberyn att våldtäkten skedde och vem var våldtagaren och bekräftade hans tvivel.

"How sad for him," said the Red Viper. "And for you. Do all noseless men lie so badly, I wonder?"

"I am not lying. Ser Amory dragged Princess Rhaenys out from under her father's bed and stabbed her to death. He had some men-at-arms with him, but I do not know their names." He leaned forward. "It was Ser Gregor Clegane who smashed Prince Aegon's head against a wall and raped your sister Elia with his blood and brains still on his hands."

"What is this, now? Truth, from a Lannister?" Oberyn smiled coldly. "Your father gave the commands, yes?"
ASOS - Tyrion IX

Så när Oberyn mötte Gregor var han säker och behövde bara Gregors bekännelse, som han fick.

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  • Det var bara rykten.
  • Lannisters trodde Martells hade inget bevis.
  • Rape skedde.
  • När Oberyn träffade Gregor i strid var han säker på våldtäkten och Gregor hade gjort det tack vare Tyrion.
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