Is Zion verkligen den sista mänskliga staden?


I den första filmen talar Tank och Neo:

Tank: Me and my brother Dozer, we're both 100% pure, old-fashioned, home-grown human, born free right here, in the real world, genuine child (sic) of Zion.

Neo: Zion?

Tank: If the war was over tomorrow, Zion's where the party would be.

Neo: It's a city.

Tank: The last human city. The only place we have left.

Hur kunde de veta? Om de har teknik som på något sätt skannar hela jorden och letar efter mänskliga städer, och det berättar för dem att det inte finns några andra, varför har maskinerna inte samma teknik för att söka efter Zion? Om Sion har något sätt att skydda sig från den sökningen, så kan andra mänskliga städer också, och så skulle de skydda sig inte bara från Sentinelernas sökningar utan också från Sions sökningar. Så finns det några sanna bevis på att Zion är sista mänskliga staden?

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I universum

Vi får absolut bekräftelse från The Architect (i hans berömda tal ) som utanför Zion, det finns inget boende människor:

The Architect: The function of the One is now to return to the source, allowing a temporary dissemination of the code you carry, reinserting the prime program. After which you will be required to select from the matrix 23 individuals, 16 female, 7 male, to rebuild Zion. Failure to comply with this process will result in a cataclysmic system crash killing everyone connected to the matrix, which coupled with the extermination of Zion will ultimately result in the extinction of the entire human race.

Intressant vet vi faktiskt om minst två fall där fria människor är som bor utanför Zion (från webcomic " The Miller's Talk " och Animatrix-korten " Matriculated ") så arkitekten kan vara något överdriven när han säger att mänskligheten kommer att gå vilse om Neo vägrar sin uppgift.

Utanför universum

Det finns flera källor som bekräftar att Zion är den sista mänskliga staden, särskilt från / a> på "The Ultimate Matrix Collection DVD Box Set":

In the powerful second chapter of the Matrix trilogy, Neo (Keanu Reeves), Trinity (Moss) and Morpheus (Fishburne) lead the revolt against the Machine Army as it attacks Zion, the last human city on Earth, unleashing their arsenal of extraordinary skills and weaponry against the systematic forces of repression and exploitation. In their quest to save the human race from extinction, they gain greater insight into the construct of The Matrix and Neo’s pivotal role in the fate of mankind. What is The Matrix? The question is not yet fully answered. And it leads to another: Who created The Matrix? The answers lead to more worlds of bold possibility – and to a destiny that passes from revelations to Revolutions.

Från denna intervju på "Är det inte coolt nyheter" " Mitt liv som en matris 2 extra ";

As I pulled into the designated parking lot, saw the sign that read "Zion Extras Parking". Zion, as you recall, is the last human city outside the computer-controlled Matrix reality. Would've taken a picture of the sign, but there were parking attendants, and I had been given instructions forbidding cameras. Decided I'd just take a picture at the end of the day when I leave.

och denna intervju med Gina Torres från

Torres added that her character doesn’t dwell in the Matrix itself. “I guess that much I can tell you: I’m in Zion,” the last human city, she said. “I’m Real World.”

och denna intervju med Joel Silver från

What Silver will confirm is that the expanded storyline was fully in place before The Matrix became a $460-million global phenomenon. "Actually the first script ended further than the movie - you actually went to Zion (the last remaining human city), which we really felt we just couldn't do. We had too much story, so we just backed up a little bit. But we knew that the story continued."

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