Vad är meningen med filmen "Du var aldrig riktigt här"? [stängd]


Vad är meningen med titeln i Du var aldrig riktigt här (2017) ?

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Andy Crump i Klistra in tidningen innehåller några förslag:

You Were Never Really Here’s title is constructed of layers, the first outlining the composure of her protagonist, Joe (Joaquin Phoenix, acting behind a beard that’d make the Robertson clan jealous), a military veteran and former federal agent as blistering in his savagery as in his self-regard. Joe lives his life flitting between past and present, hallucination and reality. Even when he physically occupies a space, he’s confined in his head, reliving horrors encountered in combat, in the field and in his childhood on a non-stop, simultaneous loop.

Han fortsätter:

As stone-cold assassins go, Joe’s one of the good ones (or at least one of the better ones). We meet him as he briefly suffocates himself after completing a job, then goes about cleaning up the crime scene, leaving it spotless before heading to a payphone to make an anonymous call to his client. (Therein lies the title’s second layer. A good contract killer knows to cover their tracks. Joe’s a pretty good contract killer.)

En något relaterad mening:

We never quite glimpse Joe go about his grim business. Ramsay prefers to watch him at a distance, from overhead, through security camera footage. He kills off-screen, and we observe his victims after the fact, dead on the ground as blood pools under their bodies. (Therein lies the title’s third layer. Joe kills without detection, leaving only corpses as confirmation of his presence.) The effect is infinitely cooler than a routine slick action sequence.

Taylor Holmes erbjuder en annan tolkning i Thinc :

And what about that title? You Were Never Really Here… what does that mean? It is a mini-poem, an ode really, to all of the lost individuals that had been made to disappear. Really? Don’t believe me? Think about it… if Joe hadn’t taken it upon himself to lay waste on behalf of the lost, who would have? In this movie? No one. We didn’t see a single person hunting for Nina.

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