How kan utredarna bana Abhoth permanent?


I Dunwich: Gå tillbaka till den glömda byn , ligger Gud Abhoth under marken och sprider sin smuts och förfall.

Mythos gudar är vanligtvis förknippade med Call / Disappear. Samtalspellan ger guden in i vår värld och Dismiss spell tvingar det tillbaka till sin egen dimension.

Abhoth har dock inte en Call / Disappear stavning listad. Äventyret säger att Mi-Go kallade Abhoth för många tusen år sedan, så det måste finnas någon form av samtalspell.

Så, hur kan utredarna förhindra Abhoth?

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Undersökarna kan blockera porten som tillåter Abhoth till vårt ord med ett äldste tecken.

Abhoth togs in i världen. Från boken Dunwich: Återgå till den glömda byn :

Long before the advent of mankind, beings came to this place to make use of the natural magical energies found in the valley. The Mi-Go used these natural rifts between worlds to open a vast gate far below the surface, allowing a great, alien being to partially enter this world.

This being was later known as Abhoth, Source of Uncleanness...

Abhoth kan drivas tillbaka genom att hantera tillräckligt med skador på den för att släppa den till noll träffpunkter.

Abhoth (from stat block):

no weapon using kinetic force can harm Abhoth permanently. Abhoth regenerates from all kinetic damage at the rate of 20 points per melee round. Fire or magic will cause normal damage. If Abhoth is reduced to zero hit points, it withdraws and sinks far below the earth where it is inaccessible to further damage. It oozes again toward the surface after healing from its injuries.

Om man antar att Abhoth kan drivas tillbaka genom porten, om utredarna kan kasta det äldste tecknet, skulle porten förseglas.

Elder Sign (from the core rulebook 7th edition):

An Elder Sign may be formed into a leaden seal, carved in rock, forged in steel, etc. When made active beside an opening or Gate, it makes that path unusable to minions of the Great Old Ones and Mythos Gods, as well as to those greater beings themselves.

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Om du vill följa regelboken kan de skapa en grind precis under Abhoth, som leder denna avskyvärde till en annan tid / värld / dimension

Gate Spells

The idea of a panel that would open on some remote world impressed Eibon as being rather fantastic, not to say farfetched. — Clark Ashton Smith , The Door to Saturn.

Cost: variable POW see Table XIII: Gate Creation and Travel Costs Cost to access a Gate: variable magic points and 1 Sanity point Casting time: one hour per POW spent Gate spells allow the caster to create doorways between other lands or times, dimensions, or worlds—allowing the user to travel great distances with a simple step. Usually a Gate connects to a single other location. Creation of a Gate requires the permanent expenditure of POW, in a sacrifice equal to the log to base 10 of the distance the Gate connects in miles times five. A Gate may take many forms, common ones being indicated by a pattern of painted lines on a floor or a peculiar arrangement of stones in a field. Using the Gate costs a number of magic points equal to one-fifth of the POW originally used to make the Gate. Each trip through a Gate costs 1 Sanity point. Should the user lack enough magic points for a trip, the traveler expends hit points to make up the cost. Return trips through a Gate always cost the same as the initial journey. Ordinarily, anyone or anything can move through a Gate, though some have been built so that a certain key—a word or gesture—is needed to activate the portal. Certain versions of the spell are known that also ‘change’ those who pass through, to aid survival on an alien world. There are also hints that some Gates are capable of more than one destination.

Men du kan skapa den stava du vill ha, du vet. Regelboken inbjuder dig att göra det! :

Spell Variations

There is no such thing as a definitive spell. The ones listed here are only a guide and starting point for the Keeper to draw upon.


Altering a Spell

Try to insert some personal touches to the spell, tying it more strongly to your scenario, investigators, and story, if possible. Location: consider the locations in your story; could one of them be linked to the spell? If the investigators are dealing with ghouls, for example, a spell that must be cast underground suddenly takes on an added dimension. Spell components: the specific items required to cast the spell. Could it be that the investigators need the curved silver dagger they saw in the previous session at the British Museum? Spell ritual: a greater spell effect usually means a more complex and involved ritual. Consider where, when, and how the spell is cast. Do the investigators have to daub themselves in blood at the full moon and inscribe a ritual circle? Spell description: this can range from subtle to dramatic. Try to imbue the description with strange smells, disorient- ing visions, curious sounds, and disturbing sensations—re- member that most of these spells erode the caster’s sanity,
and the way in which you describe the casting should make this manifest

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