Är det en riktig haj som används eller är den bara datoriserad?


Kan någon berätta för mig, är hajen i "Jaws" riktig eller bara datoriserad?

När jag såg filmen blev jag förvirrad. Jag har också sett Käkar 2 .

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Tre mekaniska hajar byggdes , alla smeknamn "Bruce" , efter Spielbergs advokat.


Hur Steven Spielbergs felaktiga hajar omvandlade filmindustrin

Producers wanted Spielberg to hire someone to train a great white — an impossibility.

The director toyed with rubber props before ultimately deciding the only real answer was to build a remote-controlled mega-shark—a 25-footer that could swim, leap in the air, and munch on human prey.

Every special effects company in Hollywood called the task impossible. Undeterred, Spielberg lured effects guru Bob Mattey out of retirement. Famous for designing the giant squid in the 1954 film 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, Mattey assured the director he could build the perfect monster.

Hajens mekaniska karaktär orsakade några problem, vilket faktiskt förändrade Spielbergs inställning till filmen.

When Bob Mattey finally delivered Bruce, Spielberg began to panic.

On its first day on the job, the shark promptly sank to the bottom of Nantucket Sound. Within a week, saltwater had eroded Bruce’s electric motor, and he had to be refitted with a system of pneumatic hoses. Every night, Bruce also had to be drained, scrubbed, and repainted.

Even by diva standards, Bruce was high-maintenance.

Spielberg också kallas hajen "den stora vit turd " .

  • “I had no choice but to figure out how to tell the story without the shark,” Spielberg said. “So I just went back to Alfred Hitchcock: ‘What would Hitchcock do in a situation like this?’ ... It’s what we don’t see which is truly frightening.”

The idea of the unseen enemy completely changed the film’s direction.

Jakt Bruce, eller på spåret av "Jaws Shark"

Bruce the mechanical shark had a dirty little secret: It didn't work very well.

Stories abound of the animatronic shark stalling the moment it hit water and sinking to the seafloor. In fact, the finicky mechanics ended up pushing the film both over budget and over schedule.

Som det visar sig är det faktiskt en fjärde Bruce.

... this fourth shark was never used in the film, but it does appear to have been cast from the original Bruce mold at the time of the film.

It was made for use at the Universal Studios Theme Park in Hollywood, where it hung by its tail from 1975 to 1990.

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De flesta scenerna har en mekanisk haj.

Vissa bilder av en riktig haj användes också:

Footage of real sharks was shot by Ron and Valerie Taylor in the waters off Australia, with a smaller-framed actor in a miniature shark cage to create the illusion that the sharks were enormous.

Datorbildad bildbehandling användes inte - Käften släpptes 1975, datorer var mycket mindre kraftfulla då.

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