Greg Egans ortogonala: Kosmosformen


I Greg Egans The Clockwork Rocket (den första boken i "Orthogonal" -serien) hävdar Yalda att

If the cosmos were like the surface of the sphere, everything would be "absurdly predictable" and observing the light field in one speck of the cosmos would give you all the information about the entire field in all of four-space.

Fortfarande senare i Tidens pilar (den tredje boken),

Scientists agree that the cosmos actually has the topology of a 4-sphere (after ruling out the torus). The issue Yalda pondered in the first book is not brought up again.

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that predictability does not matter so much after all (considering that it is even possible to send messages backwards in time)? I am slightly surprised that the issue that was discussed in great length in the first book does not surface again here.

(Detta är i huvudsak en uppföljning av Kosmisk topologi i Greg Egans ortogonala universum , men jag får inte kommentera det.)

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Läs den sista delen av den här sidan , på Cauchy Data och förutsägelser .

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